Ampac Flexibles Launches HD Flexo Plate Imaging Screening Technology


Cincinnati, OH (June 1, 2010)—Ampac, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, announces the installation of HD Flexo, the newest digital plate making and screen technology for the flexographic print industry. HD Flexo is an upgraded pre-press and digital printing capability available at the Ampac Seattle facility.

Installed as an upgrade to the existing Esko CDI press, the HD Flexo allows imaging a plate at 4000 DPI, much higher than the industry standard of 2400 or 2540 DPI. This capability provides Ampac’s Seattle facility the latest digital screening technology, allowing a smaller dot to be printed which increases contrast and becomes closer to “offset quality” than ever before.

HD Flexo’s high definition flexographic printing utilizes high resolution optics to allow higher clarity when imaging the plate, superior screening at 4000 DPI, smoother vignette printing with a smaller dot size, and increased tonal range and enhanced color gamut that produces whiter whites and increased color contrast.

Prior to HD Flexo, it was not possible to image a plate at 4000 DPI. With this new capability, Ampac Seattle is the first to feature HD Flexo and have integrated the capability with art and design experts for complete control from conceptual idea to finished product. The HD Flexo capability will also allow Ampac customers to pursue other lower cost forms of packaging including surface printed poly versus reverse printed laminate, folding carton or shrink packages.

“Ampac Seattle has made a commitment to strengthening our in-house pre-press and printing capabilities. We are excited to announce HD Flexo to our customers as an enhancement to our existing plate-making and printing capacity,” says Dan McFarland, President of Ampac Seattle. “This technology will greatly improve print quality, creating a package with graphics that stand out from other packages created from conventional or standard digital technology.”


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