Ampac Launches Apex 3739 MW and PureFlexTM MW Freezer-to-Microwave Packaging


(Cincinnati, OH) - Ampac Flexibles, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, introduces Apex 3739 MW (microwaveable) sealant film and PureFlexTM MW self-venting laminate for freezer-to-microwave applications.

Apex 3739 MW is available in clear or opaque sealant film providing an improved printing base for lamination to reverse printed PET or PP. This multilayer, coextruded film is designed to withstand cold temperature burst, reducing costly product loss during distribution of frozen packaged goods. The film has a low seal initiation temperature, high seal strength, improved slip properties and a broad sealing window that provide improved packaging speeds and efficiencies on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines.

PureFlexTM MW laminated rollstock is ready for use. True-to-life process print is available in either flexo or rotogravure. Additional benefits are the solventless lamination option that offers an impressive 86% improvement in energy over a similar solvent-based lamination allowing for an energy innovation credit in the Wal-Mart Scorecard. The structure is available in one or two side sealable versions and is FDA-compliant for all food types utilizing Ampac’s low extractables PureFlexTM technology.

PureFlex™ MW is self-venting, requiring no further ventilation during packaging or microwaving. This helps maintain the integrity of nutrients, food color, taste and aroma by utilizing microwave steam-cooking technology. The freezer-to-microwave-to-table process provides convenience and saves meal preparation time, allowing Ampac’s customers to address the consumer’s growing needs for quick and healthy food preparation. The technology is suitable for steaming quick frozen foods such as vegetables, vegetables with proteins and seafood, meals, fish, breads and more.

“The MW series utilizes Ampac’s expertise in film design, lamination technology, and graphics to provide a structure that withstands cold temperature burst, has a broad seal range, and is also heat resistant for the microwave.” says Sal Pellingra, Innovation and Marketing Director for Ampac Flexibles. “Many of these properties are working against each other, and further, the packaging includes superior graphics and a venting system, making this a highly engineered structure. Ampac has gone the extra mile to incorporate features that improve manufacturing and distribution efficiencies. In addition, the solventless lamination technology impacts the Wal-Mart scorecard.” continues Pellingra, “Ampac will continue to leverage technology to provide new products to our customers, which in turn provides value-added packaging to consumers.”


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